Plasma Pong

Pong with a Stable Fluids twist… Your paddles shoot bursts of fluid velocity, and the ball reacts to the motion of the fluid. Plus some trippy eye candy. Plasma Pong

Discrete Quadratic Bending Energies

“We present a family of discrete isometric bending models (IBMs) for triangulated surfaces in 3-space. These models are derived from an axiomatic treatment of discrete Laplace operators, using these operators to obtain linear models for discrete mean curvature from which bending energies are assembled. Under the assumption of isometric surface deformations we show that these […]

GPU Fluid Solver

Keenan Crane, an undergrad at UIUC,  recently implemented a full 3D fluid solver on one of NVIDIA’s latest GPUs, and achieved some pretty stunning speeds.  Could in-game real-time 3D liquid simulations really be just around the corner?  GPU Fluids

SIGGRAPH Courses 2007

The SIGGRAPH courses for 2007 are posted online. The two that seem relevant to physics-based animation are: Fluid Simulation Strands and Hair: Modeling, Animation and Rendering

Symposium on Computer Animation 2007

“The Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) is the premier forum for innovations in the software and technology of computer animation. This annual event brings together researchers and practitioners working on all aspects of time-based phenomena. The intimate size, the single track program , and comfortable surroundings make this symposium an ideal opportunity to exchange research […]

Stable, Circulation-Preserving Simplicial Fluids

“Visual quality, low computational cost, and numerical stability are foremost goals in computer animation. An important ingredient in achieving these goals is the conservation of fundamental motion invariants. For example, rigid and deformable body simulation benefits greatly from the conservation of linear and angular momenta. In the case of fluids, however, none of the current […]

First post!

Having a strong personal interest in physics-based animation, I thought it would be interesting to start a blog that aids in collecting and disseminating information related to physics-based animation, taking inspiration from the GPGPU site. Since I’m starting this in March of 2007, I’m not going to bother collecting papers preceding, say, January 2007, but […]