Liquid Simulation on Lattice-Based Tetrahedral Meshes

“This paper describes a simulation method for animating the behavior of incompressible liquids with complex free surfaces. The region occupied by the liquid is discretized with a boundary-conforming tetrahedral mesh that grades from fine resolution near the surface to coarser resolution in the interior. At each time step, semi-Lagrangian techniques are used to advect the […]

Textured Liquids Based on the Marker Level Set

“In this work we propose a new Eulerian method for handling the dynamics of a liquid and its surface attributes (for example its color). Our approach is based on a new method for interface advection that we term the Marker Level Set (MLS). The MLS method uses surface markers and a level set for tracking […]

A Finite Element Method on Convex Polyhedra

 “We present a method for animating deformable objects using a novel finite element discretization on convex polyhedra. Our finite element approach draws upon recently introduced 3D mean value coordinates to define smooth interpolants within the elements. The mathematical properties of our basis functions guarantee convergence. Our method is a natural extension to linear interpolants on […]

Wave Particles

“We present a new method for the real-time simulation of fluid surface waves and their interactions with floating objects. The method is based on the new concept of wave particles, which offers a simple, fast, and unconditionally stable approach to wave simulation. We show how graphics hardware can be used to convert wave particles to […]

Efficient Simulation of Inextensible Cloth

“Many textiles do not noticeably stretch under their own weight. Unfortunately, for better performance many cloth solvers disregard this fact. We propose a method to obtain very low strain along the warp and weft direction using Constrained Lagrangian Mechanics and a novel fast projection method. The resulting algorithm acts as a velocity filter that easily […]

*Updated* SIGGRAPH papers list

The official list of SIGGRAPH was posted today… Thought I would re-post the physics sub-list for good measure. Official list Unofficial SIGGRAPH 2007 papers on the web Physics papers: A Finite Element Method for Animating Large Viscoplastic Flow Many-Worlds Browsing for Control of Multibody Dynamics Simulation of Bubbles in Foam With The Volume Control Method […]

Wrinkled Flames and Cellular Patterns

“We model flames and fire using the Navier-Stokes equations combined with the level set method and jump conditions to model the reaction front. Previous works modeled the flame using a combination of propagation in the normal direction and a curvature term which leads to a level set equation that is parabolic in nature and thus […]

FastLSM: Fast Lattice Shape Matching for Robust Real-Time Deformation

“We introduce a simple technique that enables robust approximation of volumetric, large-deformation dynamics for real-time or large-scale offline simulations. We propose Lattice Shape Matching, an extension of deformable shape matching to regular lattices with embedded geometry; lattice vertices are smoothed by convolution of rigid shape matching operators on local lattice regions, with the effective mechanical […]

TRACKS: Toward Directable Thin Shells

“We combine the often opposing forces of artistic freedom and mathematical determinism to enrich a given animation or simulation of a surface with physically based detail. We present a process called tracking, which takes as input a rough animation or simulation and enhances it with physically simulated detail. Building on the foundation of constrained Lagrangian […]

Volume Conserving Finite Element Simulations of Deformable Models

“We propose a numerical method for modeling highly deformable nonlinear incompressible solids that conserves the volume locally near each node in a finite element mesh. Our method works with arbitrary constitutive models, is applicable to both passive and active materials (e.g. muscles), and works with simple tetrahedra without the need for multiple quadrature points or […]