Efficient Bounds for Point-Based Animations

We introduce a new and efficient approach for collision detection in point-based animations, based on the fast computation of tight surface bounds. Our approach is able to tightly bound a high-resolution surface with a cost linear in the number of simulation nodes, which is typically small. We extend concepts about bounds of convex sets to […]

Efficient Refinement of Dynamic Point Data

Particle simulations as well as geometric modeling techniques have demonstrated their ability to process and render points interactively. However, real-time particle-based fluid simulations suffer from poor rendering quality due to low surface particle resolutions. Surfaces appear blobby, surface details are lost, and features like edges are degraded due to smoothing effects. This paper presents a […]

A Simple Boiling Module

Recent efforts to visually capture the phenomena of boiling have proposed monolithic approaches that extend the basic techniques underlying existing fluid solvers. In this work, we show that if we instead treat boiling as a separate computational module to be loosely coupled to an existing solver, a very easy to implement, highly efficient algorithm can […]