With SIGGRAPH kicking off next week, thought I’d iterate a (probably incomplete) list of primarily physics-oriented sketches.

Is This For Real?
Implementing Wave Particles for Real-Time Water Waves With Object Interaction

Let’s Get Physical
Modal Locomotion: Controlling Passive Elastic Dynamics
Contact Trees: Adaptive Contact Sampling for Robust Dynamics
Blobtacular: Surfacing Particle Systems in “Pirates of the Caribbean 3”
Dynamic Execution Tracing of Physical Simulations

Bend and Stretch
Simulating Coordinated Movement With Tendons

Oh, Rats!
Chop It Up!: Animation-Driven Modeling, Simulation, and Shading in the Kitchen
Virtual Tailoring for “Ratatouille”: Clothing the Fattest Man in the World

Drat, More Rats!
Acting With Contact: Interactive Cartoon Collision & Response
An Effects Recipe for Rolling a Dough, Cracking an Egg, and Pouring a Sauce
Simulating Whitewater Rapids in “Ratatouille”
Extracting and Parametrizing Temporally Coherent Surfaces From Particles

Go With The Flow
Simulation, Simulation, Simulation
300’s Liquid Battlefield: Fluid Simulation Spartan Style

Highlights from SCA

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