Some Theses…

Frank Losasso’s PhD thesis on fluid simulation, which contains previously unpublished work on coupling together SPH and level set based fluid simulations: Algorithms for Increasing the Efficiency and Fidelity of Fluid Simulation Eftychios Sifakis’ PhD thesis on face, muscle, speech, and surgery simulation: Algorithmic Aspects of the Simulation and Control of Computer Generated Human Anatomy […]

Target-driven liquid animation with interfacial discontinuities

We propose a novel method of controlling a multi-phase fluid so that it flows into a target shape in a natural way. To preserve the sharp detail of the target shape, we represent it as an implicit function and construct the level-set of that function. Previous approaches add the target-driven control force as an external […]

Eulerian Motion Blur

This paper describes a motion blur technique which can be applied to rendering fluid simulations that are carried out in the Eulerian framework. Existing motion blur techniques can be applied to rigid bodies, deformable solids, clothes, and several other kinds of objects, and produce satisfactory results. As there is no specific reason to discriminate fluids […]