Some Theses…

Frank Losasso’s PhD thesis on fluid simulation, which contains previously unpublished work on coupling together SPH and level set based fluid simulations:

Algorithms for Increasing the Efficiency and Fidelity of Fluid Simulation

Eftychios Sifakis’ PhD thesis on face, muscle, speech, and surgery simulation:

Algorithmic Aspects of the Simulation and Control of Computer Generated Human Anatomy Models

Geoffrey Irving’s PhD thesis on a variety of physics simulation topics:

Methods for the Physically-Based Simulation of Solids and Fluids

Update: While I’m doing the thesis thing, here’s a couple slightly older ones that are probably worth a look.

Adam Bargteil’s PhD thesis on liquid surface tracking.

Surface Tracking and Texturing

Bart Adams PhD thesis on point-based graphics:

Point-Based Modeling, Animation and Rendering of Dynamic Objects

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