Conferences 2008

The 2008 Symposium on Computer Animation will be in Dublin, Ireland from July 7-9, with paper deadline April 18. SCA 2008 Eurographics 2008 is in Crete, Greece April 14-18. Eurographics 2008 And of course SIGGRAPH 2008 is once again in Los Angeles, August 11-15, with paper deadline this coming Wednesday, January 23. SIGGRAPH 2008 No […]

An Adaptive Contact Model for the Robust Simulation of Knots

In this paper, we present an adaptive model for dynamically deforming hyper-elastic rods. In contrast to existing approaches, adaptively introduced control points are not governed by geometric subdivision rules. Instead, their states are determined by employing a non-linear energy-minimization approach. Since valid control points are computed instantaneously, post-stabilization schemes are avoided and the stability of […]

A Fast and Stable Penalty Method for Rigid Body Simulation

Two methods have been used extensively to model resting contact for rigid body simulation. The first approach, the penalty method, applies virtual springs to surfaces in contact to minimize interpenetration. This method, as typically implemented, results in oscillatory behavior and considerable penetration. The second approach, based on formulating resting contact as a linear complementarity problem, […]