Animating developable surfaces using nonconforming elements

We present a new discretization for the physics-based animation of developable surfaces. Constrained to not deform at all in-plane but free to bend out-of-plane, these are an excellent approximation for many materials, including most cloth, paper, and stiffer materials. Unfortunately the conforming (geometrically continuous) discretizations used in graphics break down in this limit. Our nonconforming […]

A Fast Simulation Method Using Overlapping Grids for Interaction Between Smoke and Rigid Objects

Recently, many techniques using computational fluid dynamics have been proposed for the simulation of natural phenomena such as smoke and fire. Traditionally, a single grid is used for computing the motion of fluids. When an object interacts with a fluid, the resolution of the grid must be sufficiently high because the shape of the object […]

Bullet Physics Update

From Erwin Coumans: Bullet 2.68 adds rope, cloth, deformable volumes interacting with rigid bodies, and officlal iPhone SDK support. See for more info, download precompiled Windows and Mac OSX demos and iPhone video.