Feedback Control of Cumuliform Cloud Formation Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Clouds play an important role for creating realistic images of outdoor scenes. In order to generate realistic clouds, many methods have been developed for modeling and animating clouds. One of the most effective approaches for synthesizing realistic clouds is to simulate cloud formation processes based on the atmospheric fluid dynamics. Although this approach can create […]

Polyhedral Finite Elements Using Harmonic Basis Functions

Finite element simulations in computer graphics are typically based on tetrahedral or hexahedral elements, which enables simple and efficient implementations, but in turn requires complicated remeshing in case of topological changes or adaptive refinement. We propose a flexible finite element method for arbitrary polyhedral elements, thereby effectively avoiding the need for remeshing. Our polyhedral finite […]

Fast Adaptive Shape Matching Deformations

We present a new shape-matching deformation model that allows for efficient handling of topological changes and dynamic adaptive selection of levels of detail. Similar to the recently presented Fast Lattice Shape Matching (FLSM), we compute the position of simulation nodes by convolution of rigid shape matching operators on many overlapping regions, but we rely instead […]

SIGGRAPH 2008 papers list

The 2008 edition of the annual unofficial list of SIGGRAPH papers is up. It’s looking like a big year for physics – just over 14% so far… Fast Viscoelastic Behavior with Thin Features Backward Steps in Rigid Body Simulations Bubbles Alive Porous Flow in Particle-Based Fluid Simulations Animating developable surfaces using nonconforming elements Spline Joints […]

SCA 2008 Papers List

The list of papers accepted to the 2008 Symposium on Computer Animation is up here. The physics-oriented subset of those papers: Evolving Sub-Grid Turbulence for Smoke Animation Low Viscosity Flow Simulations for Animation Visual Simulation of Shockwaves Fast Adaptive Shape Matching Deformations Two-way Coupling of Rigid and Deformable Bodies Flexible Simulation of Deformable Models Using […]

Low Viscosity Flow Simulations for Animation

We present a combination of techniques to simulate turbulent fluid flows in 3D. Flow in a complex domain is modeled using a regular rectilinear grid with a finite-difference solution to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. We propose the use of the QUICK advection algorithm over a globally high resolution grid. To calculate pressure over the grid, […]

Density Contrast SPH Interfaces

To simulate multiple fluids realistically many important interaction effects have to be captured accurately. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) has shown to be a simple, yet flexible method to cope with many fluid simulation problems in a robust way. Unfortunately, the results obtained when using SPH to simulate miscible fluids are severely affected, especially if density […]

Two-way Coupling of Rigid and Deformable Bodies

We propose a framework for the full two-way coupling of rigid and deformable bodies, which is achieved with both a unified time integration scheme as well as individual two-way coupled algorithms at each point of that scheme. As our algorithm is two-way coupled in every fashion, we do not require ad hoc methods for dealing […]

Two-Way Coupling of Fluids to Rigid and Deformable Solids and Shells

We propose a novel solid/fluid coupling method that treats the coupled system in a fully implicit manner making it stable for arbitrary time steps, large density ratios, etc. In contrast to previous work in computer graphics, we derive our method using a simple back-of-the-envelope approach which lumps the solid and fluid momenta together, and which […]