Lie Group Integrators for Animation and Control of Vehicles

This paper is concerned with the animation and control of vehicles with complex dynamics such as helicopters, boats, and cars. Motivated by recent developments in discrete geometric mechanics we develop a general framework for integrating the dynamics of holonomic and nonholonomic vehicles by preserving their state-space geometry and motion invariants. We demonstrate that the resulting […]

Linear Time Super-Helices

Thin elastic rods such as cables, phone coils, tree branches, or hair, are common objects in the real world but computing their dynamics accurately remains challenging. The recent Super-Helix model, based on the discrete equations of Kirchhoff for a piecewise helical rod, is one of the most promising models for simulating non-stretchable rods that can […]

Continuum-based Strain Limiting

We present Continuum-based Strain Limiting (CSL) – a new method for limiting deformations in physically-based cloth simulations. Recent developments have led to methods which excel at simulating nearly inextensible materials, but the efficient simulation of general biphasic textiles and their anisotropic behavior remains challenging. Other approaches use softer materials and enforce limits on edge elongations, […]