Triangular Springs for Modeling Nonlinear Membranes

This paper provides a formal connexion between springs and continuum mechanics in the context of onedimensional and two-dimensional elasticity. In a first stage, the equivalence between tensile springs and the finite element discretization of stretching energy on planar curves is established. Furthermore, when considering a quadratic strain function of stretch, we introduce a new type […]

An Edge-Based Computationally Efficient Formulation of Saint-Venant Kirchhoff Tetrahedral Finite Elements

This article describes a computationally efficient formulation and an algorithm for tetrahedral finite-element simulation of elastic objects subject to Saint Venant-Kirchhoff (StVK) material law. The number of floating point operations required by the algorithm is in the range of 15% to 27% for computing the vertex forces from a given set of vertex positions, and […]