Skipping Steps in Deformable Simulation with Online Model Reduction

Finite element simulations of nonlinear deformable models are computationally costly, routinely taking hours or days to compute the motion of detailed meshes. Dimensional model reduction can make simulations orders of magnitude faster, but is unsuitable for general deformable body simulations because it requires expensive precomputations, and it can suppress motion that lies outside the span […]

Synthetic Turbulence using Artificial Boundary Layers

Turbulent vortices in fluid flows are crucial for a visually interesting appearance. Although there has been a significant amount of work on turbulence in graphics recently, these algorithms rely on the underlying simulation to resolve the flow around objects. We build upon work from classical fluid mechanics to design an algorithm that allows us to […]

Motion Field Texture Synthesis

A variety of animation effects such as herds and fluids contain detailed motion fields characterized by repetitive structures. Such detailed motion fields are often visually important, but tedious to specify manually or expensive to simulate computationally. Due to the repetitive nature, some of these motion fields (e.g. turbulence in fluids) could be synthesized by procedural […]

Stretching and Wiggling Liquids

This paper presents a novel framework for simulating the stretching and wiggling of liquids. We demonstrate that complex phase-interface dynamics can be effectively simulated by introducing the Eulerian vortex sheet method, which focuses on the vorticity at the interface (rather than the whole domain). We extend this model to provide user control for the production […]

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

Ke-Sen’s list of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 papers is starting to fill out. Here’s some of the more physics-related ones: Stretching and Wiggling Liquids Skipping Steps in Deformable Simulation with Online Model Reduction Synthetic Turbulence using Artificial Boundary Layers Motion Field Texture Synthesis