SCA 2006

Physics-related papers from SCA 2006. The full list is available here, courtesy of Kesen-Huang. Detail-Preserving Fluid Control Keyframe control of complex particle systems using the adjoint method A Controllable, Fast and Stable Basis for Vortex Based Smoke Simulation Path-Based Control of Smoke Simulations Geometric, Variational Integrators for Computer Animation Fast Arbitrary Splitting of Deforming Objects […]

Eurographics 2008

Physics-oriented papers from Eurographics 2008. A Semi-Lagrangian CIP Fluid Solver without Dimensional Splitting A Fast Simulation Method Using Overlapping Grids for Interactions between Smoke and Rigid Objects An Adaptive Contact Model for the Robust Simulation of Knots Fluid in Video: Augmenting Real Video with Simulated Fluids Short papers: Identification of Dynamic Mass Spring Parameters for […]

SCA 2007

Still filling in some older collections… Kesen maintains a complete list here. Legendre Fluids: A Unified Framework for Analytic Reduced Space Modeling and Rendering of Participating Media A Simple Boiling Module CORDE: Cosserat Rod Elements for the Dynamic Simulation of One-Dimensional Elastic Objects Arbitrary cutting of deformable tetrahedralized objects Hybrid Simulation of Deformable Solids Cubic […]

Eurographics 2009 papers

Looking backwards again… Kesen’s full page is here. Linear-Time Super-Helices Physically Guided Animation of Trees Wind Projection Basis for Real-Time Animation of Trees Mixing Fluids and Granular Materials Hydraulic Erosion Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation of two-phase flow with sub-scale droplet and bubble effects Scalable Real-Time Animation of Rivers Implicit Contact Handling for Deformable Objects […]

SIGGRAPH 2006 papers

I noticed today that I’d catalogued physics papers from conferences between 2007 and the present, and that Simon Clavet had catalogued a large number of physics papers from various conferences prior to 2006, with some going back as far as 1992.  So in the interests of completeness, I thought I’d fill in a list for […]

Eurographics 2007

Physics papers from Eurographics 2007: Real-Time Simulation of Thin Shells A Finite Element Method on Convex Polyhedra Textured Liquids with the Marker Level Set