SIGGRAPH Asia 2010

Kesen’s SIGGRAPH Asia page is here. Physics papers… Piles of Objects Free-Flowing Granular Materials with Two-Way Solid Coupling Multi-Resolution Isotropic Strain Limiting Scalable Fluid Simulation using Anisotropic Turbulence Particles Multi-Phase Fluid Simulation Using Regional Level Sets Stable Inverse Dynamic Curves Animation Wrinkling: Augmenting Coarse Cloth Simulations With Realistic-Looking Wrinkles Real-Time Collision Culling of a Million […]

Creature Control in a Fluid Environment

In this paper, we propose a method designed to allow creatures to actively respond to a fluid environment. We explore various objective functions in order to determine ways to direct the behavior of our creatures. Our proposed method works in conjunction with generalized body forces as well as both one-way and two-way coupled fluid forces. […]

Multi-Resolution Cloth Simulation

We propose a novel, multi-resolution method to efficiently perform large-scale cloth simulation. Our cloth simulation method is based on a triangle-based energy model constructed from a cloth mesh. We identify that solutions of the linear system of cloth simulation are smooth in certain regions of the cloth mesh and solve the linear system on those […]

Reconstructing Surfaces of Particle-Based Fluids Using Anisotropic Kernels

In this paper we present a novel surface reconstruction method for particle-based fluid simulators such as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. In particle-based simulations, fluid surfaces are usually defined as a level set of an implicit function. We formulate the implicit function as a sum of anisotropic smoothing kernels, and the direction of anisotropy at a particle […]