Reconstructing Surfaces of Particle-Based Fluids Using Anisotropic Kernels

In this paper we present a novel surface reconstruction method for particle-based fluid simulators such as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. In particle-based simulations, fluid surfaces are usually defined as a level set of an implicit function. We formulate the implicit function as a sum of anisotropic smoothing kernels, and the direction of anisotropy at a particle is determined by performing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) over the neighboring particles. In addition, we perform a smoothing step that re-positions the centers of these smoothing kernels. Since these anisotropic smoothing kernels capture the local particle distributions more accurately, our method has advantages over existing methods in representing smooth surfaces, thin streams and sharp features of fluids. Our method is fast, easy to implement, and our results demonstrate a significant improvement in the quality of reconstructed surfaces as compared to existing methods.

Reconstructing Surface of Particle-Based Fluids Using Anisotropic Kernels

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