A Hexahedral Multigrid Approach for Simulating Cuts in Deformable Objects

We present a hexahedral finite element method for simulating cuts in deformable bodies using the corotational formulation of strain at high computational efficiency. Key to our approach is a novel embedding of adaptive element refinements and topological changes of the simulation grid into a geometric multigrid solver. Starting with a coarse hexahedral simulation grid, this […]

PhD Thesis

A thesis from 2009 that I missed: Barbara Solenthaler, University of Zurich: Incompressible Fluid Simulation and Advanced Surface Handling with SPH

Physics-Animation Forum?

I was recently asked whether there exists any internet forum dedicated to physics-based animation. The two that came to mind are Gamedev’s Math & Physics forum and Bullet’s physics simulation forums (both linked in the right column of the page), though my impression is that these naturally tend to be focused towards games, and with […]

Iso-geometric Analysis Based on Catmull-Clark Subdivision Solids

We present a volumetric iso-geometric finite element analysis based on Catmull-Clark solids. This concept allows one to use the same representation for the modeling, the physical simulation, and the visualization, which optimizes the design process and narrows the gap between CAD and CAE. In our method the boundary of the solid model is a Catmull-Clark […]

Fast and Scalable CPU/GPU Collision Detection for Rigid and Deformable Surfaces

We present a new hybrid CPU/GPU collision detection technique for rigid and deformable objects based on spatial subdivision. Our approach efficiently exploits the massive computational capabilities of modern CPUs and GPUs commonly found in off-the-shelf computer systems. The algorithm is specifically tailored to be highly scalable on both the CPU and the GPU sides. We […]

PhD Theses

Chris Wojtan,  Georgia Tech: Animating Physical Phenomena with Embedded Surface Meshes Andreas Söderström, Linköping University: Memory Efficient Methods for Eulerian Free Surface Fluid Animation