Two-Scale Particle Simulation

We propose a two-scale method for particle-based fluids that allocates computing resources to regions of the fluid where complex flow behavior emerges. Our method uses a low- and a high-resolution simulation that run at the same time. While in the coarse simulation the whole fluid is represented by large particles, the fine level simulates only […]

Efficient Elasticity for Character Skinning with Contact and Collisions

We present a new algorithm for near-interactive simulation of skeleton driven, high resolution elasticity models. Our methodology is used for soft tissue deformation in character animation. The algorithm is based on a novel discretization of corotational elasticity over a hexahedral lattice. Within this framework we enforce positive definiteness of the stiffness matrix to allow efficient […]

Real-time Large-deformation Substructuring

This paper shows a method to extend 3D nonlinear elasticity model reduction to open-loop multi-level reduced deformable structures. Given a volumetric mesh, we decompose the mesh into several subdomains, build a reduced deformable model for each domain, and connect the domains using inertia coupling. This makes model reduction deformable simulations much more versatile: localized deformations […]

Real-Time Eulerian Water Simulation Using a Restricted Tall Cell Grid

We present a new Eulerian fluid simulation method, which allows real-time simulations of large scale three dimensional liquids. Such scenarios have hitherto been restricted to the domain of off-line computation. To reduce computation time we use a hybrid grid representation composed of regular cubic cells on top of a layer of tall cells. With this […]

Solid Simulation with Oriented Particles

We propose a new fast and robust method to simulate various types of solid including rigid, plastic and soft bodies as well as one, two and three dimensional structures such as ropes, cloth and volumetric objects. The underlying idea is to use oriented particles that store rotation and spin, along with the usual linear attributes, […]

HOT: Hodge-Optimized Triangulations

We introduce Hodge-optimized triangulations (HOT), a family of well-shaped primal-dual pairs of complexes designed for fast and accurate computations in computer graphics. Previous work most commonly employs barycentric or circumcentric duals; while barycentric duals guarantee that the dual of each simplex lies within the simplex, circumcentric duals are often preferred due to the induced orthogonality […]

On the Velocity of an Implicit Surface

In this article we derive an equation for the velocity of an arbitrary time-evolving implicit surface. Strictly speaking, only the normal component of the velocity is unambiguously defined. This is because an implicit surface does not have a unique parametrization. However, by enforcing a constraint on the evolution of the normal field we obtain a […]

Sparse Meshless Models of Complex Deformable Solids

A new method to simulate deformable objects with heterogeneous material properties and complex geometries is presented. Given a volumetric map of the material properties and an arbitrary number of control nodes, a distribution of the nodes is computed automatically, as well as the associated shape functions. Reference frames attached to the nodes are used to […]

Frame-Based Elastic Models

We present a new type of deformable model which combines the realism of physically based continuum mechanics models and the usability of frame-based skinning methods. The degrees of freedom are coordinate frames. In contrast with traditional skinning, frame positions are not scripted but move in reaction to internal body forces. The displacement field is smoothly […]

Example-Based Elastic Materials

We propose an example-based approach for simulating complex elastic material behavior. Supplied with a few poses that characterize a given object, our system starts by constructing a space of prefered deformations by means of interpolation. During simulation, this example manifold then acts as an additional elastic attractor that guides the object towards its space of […]