Eurographics 2012

There are some Eurographics 2012 papers on physics-based animation topics… Explicit Mesh Surfaces for Particle Based Fluids Super-Clothoids Data-Driven Estimation of Cloth Simulation Models Computational Design of Rubber Balloons STAR reports: Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics

Explicit Mesh Surfaces for Particle Based Fluids

Jihun Yu, Chris Wojtan, Greg Turk, Chee Yap We introduce the idea of using an explicit triangle mesh to track the air/fluid interface in a smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulator. Once an initial surface mesh is created, this mesh is carried forward in time using nearby particle velocities to advect the mesh vertices. The mesh […]

Multi-FLIP for Energetic Two-Phase Fluid Simulation

Landon Boyd, Robert Bridson Physically-based liquid animations often ignore the influence of air, giving up interesting behaviour. We present a new method which treats both air and liquid as incompressible, more accurately reproducing the reality observed at scales relevant to computer animation. The Fluid Implicit Particle (FLIP) method, already shown to effectively simulate incompressible fluids with low […]

PhD Theses

Efficient Computational Methods for Phyically-Based Simulation – Bernhard Thomaszewski, Tuebingen Practical Methods for Simulation of Compressible Flow and Structure Interactions – Nipun Kwatra, Stanford Coupled Simulation of Deformable Solids, Rigid Bodies, and Fluids – Craig Schroeder, Stanford Strand-Based Musculotendon Simulation of the Hand – Shinjiro Sueda, UBC Eulerian Geometric Discretizations of Manifolds and Dynamics – Patrick […]