Fluid Simulation Using Laplacian Eigenfunctions

Tyler de Witt, Christian Lessig, Eugene Fiume We present an algorithm for the simulation of incompressible fluid phenomena that is computationally efficient and leads to visually convincing simulations with far fewer degrees of freedom than existing approaches. Rather than using an Eulerian grid or Lagrangian elements, we represent vorticity and velocity using a basis of […]

Updated Sparse Cholesky Factors for Corotational Elastodynamics

Florian Hecht, Yeon Jin Lee, Jonathan Shewchuk, James O’Brien We present warp-canceling corotation, a nonlinear finite element formulation for elastodynamic simulation that achieves fast performance by making only partial or delayed changes to the simulation’s linearized system matrices. Coupled with an algorithm for incremental updates to a sparse Cholesky factorization, the method realizes the stability […]