Data-Driven Estimation of Cloth Simulation Models

Eder Miguel, Derek Bradley, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Bernd Bickel, Wojciech Matusik, Miguel Otaduy, Steve Marschner Progress in cloth simulation for computer animation and apparel design has led to a multitude of deformation models, each with its own way of relating geometry, deformation, and forces. As simulators improve, differences between these models become more important, but it is difficult […]

Efficient Geometrically Exact Continuous Collision Detection

Tyson Brochu, Essex Edwards, Robert Bridson Continuous collision detection (CCD) between deforming triangle mesh elements in 3D is a critical tool for many applications. The standard method involving a cubic polynomial solver is vulnerable to rounding error, requiring the use of ad hoc tolerances, and nevertheless is particularly fragile in (near-)planar cases. Even with per-simulation […]

Animating Bubble Interactions in a Liquid Foam

Oleksiy Busaryev, Tamal Dey, Huamin Wang, Ren Zhong Bubbles and foams are important features of liquid surface phenomena, but they are difficult to animate due to their thin films and complex interactions in the real world. In particular, small bubbles (having diameter <1cm) in a dense foam are highly affected by surface tension, so their […]

Baroclinic Turbulence with Varying Density and Temperature

Doyub Kim, Seung Woo Lee, Oh-young Song, Hyeong-Seok Ko The explosive or volcanic scenes in motion pictures involve complex turbulent flow as its temperature and density vary in space. To simulate this turbulent flow of an inhomogeneous fluid, we propose a simple and efficient framework. Instead of explicitly computing the complex motion of this fluid […]

PhD Thesis

Efficient and scalable simulation of solids and fluids – Jonathan Su, Stanford  

Eurographics 2011

Catching up on a collection I had never assembled… Langevin Particle: A Self-Adaptive Lagrangian Primitive for Flow Simulation Enhancement STAR: Interactive Character Animation using Simulated Physics

Computational Design of Rubber Balloons

Melina Skouras, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Bernd Bickel, Markus Gross This paper presents an automatic process for fabrication-oriented design of custom-shaped rubber balloons. We cast computational balloon design as an inverse problem: given a target shape, we compute an optimal balloon that, when inflated, approximates the target as closely as possible. To solve this problem numerically, we […]


Florence Bertails-Descoubes Piecewise clothoids are 2D curves with continuous, piecewise linear curvature. Due to their smoothness properties, they have been extensively used in road design and robot path planning, as well as for the compact representation of hand-drawn curves. In this paper we present the Super-Clothoid model, a new mechanical model that for the first […]


Ke-Sen’s steadily growing list of SIGGRAPH 2012 papers is here. Below is the subset of physics-based animation papers… SIGGRAPH papers: Continuous Penalty Forces Energy-Based Self-Collision Culling for Arbitrary Mesh Deformations Discrete Viscous Sheets Animating Bubble Interactions in a Liquid Foam Interactive Editing of Deformable Simulations Underwater Rigid Body Dynamics Efficient Geometrically Exact Continuous Collision Detection […]

Continuous Penalty Forces

Min Tang, Dinesh Manocha, Miguel Otaduy, Ruofeng Tong We present a simple algorithm to compute continuous penalty forces to determine collision response between rigid and deformable models bounded by triangle meshes. Our algorithm provides a well-behaved solution in contrast to the traditional stability and robustness problems of penalty methods, induced by force discontinuities. We trace […]