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SCA 2012

Full papers: Energetically Consistent Invertible Elasticity Enriching Virtual Elastic Objects with High-Resolution Data-Driven Deformations Controlling Liquids Using Meshes Mass-Conserving Eulerian Liquid Simulation Physically-Plausible Simulation for Character Animation Efficient Simulation of Example-Based Materials Multilinear Data-Driven Dynamic Hair Model with  Efficient Hair-Body Collision Handling Simulating Free Surface Flow with Very Large Time Steps Efficient Collision Handling for […]

Topology Adaptive Interface Tracking Using the Deformable Simplicial Complex

Marek Misztal, Andreas Baerentzen We present a novel, topology-adaptive method for deformable interface tracking, called the Deformable Simplicial Complex (DSC). In the DSC method, the interface is represented explicitly as a piecewise linear curve (in 2D) or surface (in 3D) which is a part of a discretization (triangulation/tetrahedralization) of the space, such that the interface […]

Energy-Based Self-Collision Culling for Arbitrary Mesh Deformations

Changxi Zheng, Doug James In this paper, we accelerate self-collision detection (SCD) for a deforming triangle mesh by exploiting the idea that a mesh cannot self collide unless it deforms enough. Unlike prior work on subspace self-collision culling which is restricted to low-rank deformation subspaces, our energy-based approach supports arbitrary mesh deformations while still being […]