Lattice Cleaving: Conforming Tetrahedral Meshes of Multimaterial Domains with Bounded Quality

Jonathan R. Bronson, Joshua A. Levine, Ross T. Whitaker We introduce a new algorithm for generating tetrahedral meshes that conform to physical boundaries in volumetric domains consisting of multiple materials. The proposed method allows for an arbitrary number of materials, produces high-quality tetrahedral meshes with upper and lower bounds on dihedral angles, and guarantees geometric […]

Vega: Non-Linear FEM Deformable Object Simulator

Fun Shing Sin, Daniel Schroeder, Jernej Barbic This practice and experience paper describes a robust C++ implementation of several non-linear solid three-dimensional deformable object strategies commonly employed in computer graphics, named the Vega finite element method (FEM) simulation library. Deformable models supported include co-rotational linear FEM elasticity, Saint–Venant Kirchhoff FEM model, mass–spring system and invertible […]