Closest Point Turbulence for Liquid Surfaces

Theodore Kim, Jerry Tessendorf, Nils Thuerey We propose a method of increasing the apparent spatial resolution of an existing liquid simulation. Previous approaches to this “up-resing” problem have focused on increasing the turbulence of the underlying velocity field. Motivated by measurements in the free surface turbulence literature, we observe that past certain frequencies, it is […]

Sci-Tech Oscars

The Oscars for Scientific and Technical Achievement were announced recently, and among them are a pair of tools for physics-based animation: To Theodore Kim, Nils Thuerey, Markus Gross and Doug James for the invention, publication and dissemination of Wavelet Turbulence software. This technique allowed for fast, art–directable creation of highly detailed gas simulation, making it easier for the artist to control […]

Artistic Simulation of Curly Hair

Hayley Iben, Mark Meyer, Lena Petrovic, Olivier Soares, John Anderson, Andrew Witkin We present a novel method for stably simulating stylized curly hair that addresses artistic needs and performance demands, both found in the production of feature films. To satisfy the artistic requirement of maintaining the curl’s helical shape during motion, we propose a hair […]