Sci-Tech Oscars

The Oscars for Scientific and Technical Achievement were announced recently, and among them are a pair of tools for physics-based animation:

  • To Theodore KimNils ThuereyMarkus Gross and Doug James for the invention, publication and dissemination of Wavelet Turbulence software.

    This technique allowed for fast, art–directable creation of highly detailed gas simulation, making it easier for the artist to control the appearance these effects in the final image.

  • To Simon ClutterbuckJames Jacobs and Dr. Richard Dorling for the development of the Tissue Physically–Based Character Simulation Framework.

    This framework faithfully and robustly simulates the effects of anatomical structures underlying a character’s skin. The resulting dynamic and secondary motions provide a new level of realism to computer–generated creatures.

Full list and further details at the Academy awards website.

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