SIGGRAPH 2013 Papers

SIGGRAPH 2013 papers are starting to sprout up online. As always, Ke-Sen Huang’s full list is available here. Drop me a line if you know of any relevant physics animation-related papers I’m missing so far. Liquid Surface Tracking with Error Compensation Highly Adaptive Liquid Simulation on Tetrahedral Meshes Real-Time Dynamic Fracture with Volumetric Approximate Convex […]

Fast Simulation of Inextensible Hair and Fur

Matthias Mueller, Tae-Young Kim, Nuttapong Chentanez In this short paper we focus on the fast simulation of hair and fur on animated characters. While it is common in films to simulate single hair strands on virtual humans and on furry animals, those features are either not present on characters in computer games or modeled with […]

A Prediction-Correction Approach for Stable SPH Fluid Simulation from Liquid to Rigid

Francois Dagenais, Jonathan Gagnon, Eric Paquette The simulation of highly viscous fluids using an SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) approach is a tedious task. Since the equations are typically posed as stiff problems, simulating highly viscous fluids involves strong forces applied to the particles. With these strong forces, a very small time step is needed to keep the […]

Real-Time Fluid Effects on Surfaces using the Closest Point Method

S. Auer, C. B. MacDonald, M. Treib, J. Schneider, R. Westermann The Closest Point Method (CPM) is a method for numerically solving partial differential equations (PDEs) on arbitrary surfaces, independent of the existence of a surface parametrization. The CPM uses a closest point representation of the surface, to solve the unmodified Cartesian version of a […]