Automatic Construction of Coarse, High-Quality Tetrahedralizations that Enclose and Approximate Surfaces for Animation

David A. Stuart, Joshua A. Levine, Ben Jones, Adam Bargteil Embedding high-resolution surface geometry in coarse control meshes is a standard approach to achieving high-quality computer animation at low computational expense. In this paper we present an effective, automatic method for generating such control meshes. The resulting high-quality, tetrahedral meshes enclose and approximate an input […]

Object-Centric Parallel Rigid Body Simulation with Timewarp

John Koenig, Ioannis Karamouzas, Stephen J. Guy We present an object-centric formulation for parallel rigid body simulation that supports variable length integration time steps through rollbacks. We combine our object-centric simulation framework with a novel spatiotemporal data structure to reduce global synchronization and achieve interactive, real-time simulations which scale across many CPU cores. Additionally, we provide proofs that both our […]

A GPU-Based Streaming Algorithm for High Resolution Cloth Simulation

Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Rahul Narain, Chang Meng, Dinesh Manocha We present a GPU-based streaming algorithm to perform high-resolution and accurate cloth simulation. We map all the components of cloth simulation pipeline, including time integration, collision detection, collision response, and velocity updating to GPU-based kernels and data structures. Our algorithm perform intra-object and inter-object collisions, […]

Implicit Integration for Particle-based Simulation of Elasto-plastic Solids

Yahan Zhou, Zhaoliang Lun, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Rui Wang We present a novel particle-based method for stable simulation of elasto-plastic materials. The main contribution of our method is an implicit numerical integrator, using a physically-based model, for computing particles that undergo both elastic and plastic deformations. The main advantage of our implicit integrator is that it […]