Vriphys 2014

I’ve been slow in getting this list together, so without further ado:

  • Continuous Collision Detection Between Points and Signed Distance Fields
  • Massively Parallel Batch Neural Gas for Bounding Volume Hierarchy Construction
  • Massively-Parallel Proximity Queries for Point Clouds
  • Efficient Transfer of Contact-Point Local Deformations in Data-Driven Simulations Using Hermitian Moments
  • A unified topological-physical model for adaptive refinement
  • A p-Multigrid Algorithm using Cubic Finite Elements for Efficient Deformation Simulation
  • Mechanical modelling of three-dimensional plant tissue indented by a probe
  • Controlling the Shape and Motion of Plumes in Explosion Simulations
  • SutureHap: a Suture Simulator with Haptic Feedback
  • Information Fusion for Real-time Motion Estimation in Image-guided Breast Biopsy Navigation
  • Virtual Fitting Pipeline: Body Dimension Recognition, Cloth Modelling, and On-Body Simulation
  • Coupling Hair with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Fluids
  • A Parallel Architecture for IISPH Fluids
  • An Improved Jacobi Solver for Particle Simulation
  • Parallel Particles: A Parallel Position Based Approach for Fast and Stable Simulation of Granular Materials
  • Laplacian Cut-Maps for Real-Time Deformables
  • Variable stiffness haptic interface controlled through Inverse simulation

If anyone has links to the associated papers for the (many) missing ones, please let me know!

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