Eurographics 2016

Eurographics 2016, in Lisbon Portugal, will feature the following physics-related papers: Narrow Band FLIP for Liquid Simulations CAMA: Contact-Aware Matrix Assembly with Unified Collision Handling for GPU-based Cloth Simulation A Practical Method for High-Resolution Embedded Liquid Surfaces Modeling and Estimation of Energy-Based Hyperelastic Objects Dexterous Manipulation of Cloth Boundary Detection in Particle-Based Fluids Combining Uplift […]

Solving the Fluid Pressure Poisson Equation Using Multigrid—Evaluation and Improvements

Christian Dick, Marcus Rogowsky, Rüdiger Westermann In many numerical simulations of fluids governed by the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, the pressure Poisson equation needs to be solved to enforce mass conservation. Multigrid solvers show excellent convergence in simple scenarios, yet they can converge slowly in domains where physically separated regions are combined at coarser scales. Moreover, […]

Ductile Fracture for Clustered Shape Matching

Ben Jones, April Martin, Joshua A. Levine, Tamar Shinar, and Adam W. Bargteil In this paper, we incorporate ductile fracture into the clustered shape matching simulation framework for deformable bodies, thus filling a gap in the shape matching literature. Our plasticity and fracture models are inspired by the finite element literature on deformable bodies, but are […]