SCA 2016 papers

Simulation-related papers from Symposium on Computer Animation 2016: ADMM ⊇ Projective Dynamics: Fast Simulation of General Constitutive Models Compressing Fluid Subspaces Art-Directed Muscle Simulation for High-End Facial Animation Real-time Simulation of Large Elasto-Plastic Deformation with Shape Matching Enriching SPH Simulation by Approximate Capillary Waves Topology-Aware Neighborhoods for Point-Based Simulation and Reconstruction Versatile Interactions at Interfaces […]

ADMM ⊇ Projective Dynamics: Fast Simulation of General Constitutive Models

Rahul Narain, Matthew Overby, George E. Brown We apply the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) optimization algorithm to implicit time integration of elastic bodies, and show that the resulting method closely relates to the recently proposed projective dynamics algorithm. However, as ADMM is a general-purpose optimization algorithm applicable to a broad range of objective functions, […]

Hierarchical hp-Adaptive Signed Distance Fields

Dan Koschier, Crispin Deul, Jan Bender In this paper we propose a novel method to construct hierarchical $hp$-adaptive Signed Distance Fields (SDFs). We discretize the signed distance function of an input mesh using piecewise polynomials on an axis-aligned hexahedral grid. Besides spatial refinement based on octree subdivision to refine the cell size (h), we hierarchically increase […]

Hele-Shaw Flow Simulation with Interactive Control using Complex Barycentric Coordinates

Aviv Segall, Orestis Vantzos, Mirela Ben-Chen Hele-Shaw flow describes the slow flow of a viscous liquid between two parallel plates separated by a small gap. In some configurations such a flow generates instabilities known as Saffman-Taylor fingers, which form intricate visual patterns. While these patterns have been an inspiration for artists, as well as thoroughly analyzed […]