Art-Directed Muscle Simulation for High-End Facial Animation

Matthew Cong, Kiran S. Bhat, Ronald Fedkiw We propose a new framework for the simulation of facial muscle and flesh that so significantly improves the technique that it allows for immediate mainstream use of anatomically and biomechanically accurate muscle models as a bread and butter technique in a high-end production quality pipeline. The key idea […]

Two-way coupling of fluids to reduced deformable bodies

Wenlong Lu, Ning Jin, Ronald Fedkiw We propose a fully monolithic two-way coupling framework that couples incompressible fluids to reduced deformable bodies. Notably, the resulting linear system matrix is both symmetric and positive-definite. Our method allows for the simulation of interesting free-surface as well as underwater phenomena, enabling the use of reduced deformable bodies as […]

Accurate Contact Modeling for Multi-rate Single-point Haptic Rendering of Static and Deformable Environments

Thomas Knott, Torsten Kuhlen Common approaches for the haptic rendering of complex scenarios employ multi-rate simulation schemes. Here, the collision queries or the simulation of a complex deformable object are often performed asynchronously on a lower frequency, while some kind of intermediate contact representation is used to simulate interactions on the haptic rate. However, this can […]