Physically Based Video Editing

Bazin, Jean-Charles; Plüss (Kuster), Claudia; Yu, Guo; Martin, Tobias; Jacobson, Alec; Gross, Markus Convincing manipulation of objects in live action videos is a difficult and often tedious task. Skilled video editors achieve this with the help of modern professional tools, but complex motions might still lack physical realism since existing tools do not consider the […]

Efficient and Reliable Self-Collision Culling using Unprojected Normal Cones

Tongtong Wang, Zhihua Liu, Min Tang, Roufeng Tong, and Dinesh Manocha We present an efficient and accurate algorithm for self-collision detection in deformable models. Our approach can perform discrete and continuous collision queries on triangulated meshes. We present a simple and linear time algorithm to perform the normal cone test using the unprojected 3D vertices, […]

Eurographics 2017

Interactive Paper Tearing Geometric Stiffness for Real-time Constrained Multibody Dynamics Primal-Dual Optimization for Fluids Enriching Facial Blendshape Rigs with Physical Simulation Simulation-Ready Hair Capture Real-Time Oil Painting on Mobile Hardware (CGF paper) Interactive Modeling and Authoring of Climbing Plants Parallel Constant Time Collision Detection for Polygonal Objects

Interactive Paper Tearing

Camille Schreck, Damien Rohmer, Stefanie Hahmann We propose an efficient method to model paper tearing in the context of interactive modeling. The method uses geometrical information to automatically detect potential starting points of tears. We further introduce a new hybrid geometrical and physical-based method to compute the trajectory of tears while procedurally synthesizing high resolution […]