Stable Neo-Hookean Flesh Simulation

Breannan Smith, Fernando de Goes, Theodore Kim Non-linear hyperelastic energies play a key role in capturing the fleshy appearance of virtual characters. Real-world, volume-preserving biological tissues have Poisson’s ratios near 1/2, but numerical simulation within this regime is notoriously challenging. In order to robustly capture these visual characteristics, we present a novel version of Neo-Hookean […]

A Polynomial Particle-In-Cell Method

Chuyuan Fu, Qi Guo, Theodore Gast, Chenfanfu Jiang, Joseph Teran Recently the Affine Particle-In-Cell (APIC) Method was proposed by Jiang et al.[2015; 2017b] to improve the accuracy of the transfers in Particle-In-Cell (PIC) [Harlow 1964] techniques by augmenting each particle with a locally affine, rather than locally constant description of the velocity. This reduced the […]