Exponential Rosenbrock-Euler Integrators for Elastodynamic Simulation

Yu Ju Chen, Uri M. Ascher, Dinesh K. Pai High quality simulations of the dynamics of soft flexible objects can be rather costly, because the assembly of internal forces through an often nonlinear stiffness at each time step is expensive. Many standard implicit integrators introduce significant, time-step dependent artificial damping. Here we propose and demonstrate […]

Efficient BVH-based Collision Detection Scheme with Ordering and Restructuring

X. L. Wang, M. Tang, D. Manocha, Ruo-Feng Tong Bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) has been widely adopted as the acceleration structure in broad-phase collision detection. Previous state-of-the-art BVH-based collision detection approaches exploited the spatio-temporal coherence of simulations by maintaining a bounding volume test tree (BVTT) front. A major drawback of these algorithms is that large […]

Stabilizing Integrators for Real-Time Physics

Dimitar Dinev, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan We present a new time integration method featuring excellent stability and energy conservation properties, making it particularly suitable for real-time physics. The commonly used backward Euler method is stable but introduces artificial damping. Methods such as implicit midpoint do not suffer from artificial damping but are unstable in many […]

Fast Fluid Simulations with Sparse Volumes on the GPU

Kui Wu, Nghia Truong, Cem Yuksel, Rama Hoetzlein We introduce efficient, large scale fluid simulation on GPU hardware using the fluid-implicit particle (FLIP) method over a sparse hierarchy of grids represented in NVIDIA GVDB Voxels. Our approach handles tens of millions of particles within a virtually unbounded simulation domain. We describe novel techniques for parallel […]