Symposium on Computer Animation 2017

Density Maps for Improved SPH Boundary Handling Fully Asynchronous SPH Simulation Evaporation and Condensation of SPH-based Fluids A Micropolar Material Model for Turbulent SPH Fluids Physically-Based Droplet Interaction Hierarchical Vorticity Skeletons A Positive-Definite Cut-Cell Method for Strong Two-Way Coupling Between Fluids and Deformable Bodies Rigid Body Contact Problems using Proximal Operators Long Range Constraints for […]

Authoring Landscapes by Combining Ecosystem and Terrain Erosion Simulation

Guillaume Cordonnier, Eric Galin, James Gain, Bedrich Benes, Eric Guérin, Adrien Peytavie, Marie-Paule Cani We introduce a novel framework for interactive landscape authoring that supports bi-directional feedback between erosion and vegetation simulation. Vegetation and terrain erosion have strong mutual impact and their interplay influences the overall realism of virtual scenes. Despite their importance, these complex […]


Variational Stokes: A Unified Pressure-Viscosity Solver for Accurate Viscous Liquids Power Diagrams and Sparse Paged Grids for High Resolution Adaptive Liquids A Multi-Scale Model for Simulating Liquid-Hair Interactions A Stiffly Accurate Integrator for Elastodynamic Problems Example-Based Damping Design Robust eXtended Finite Elements for Complex Cutting of Deformables Perceptual Evaluation of Liquid Simulation Methods Data-Driven Synthesis […]

Eurographics 2017

Interactive Paper Tearing Geometric Stiffness for Real-time Constrained Multibody Dynamics Primal-Dual Optimization for Fluids Enriching Facial Blendshape Rigs with Physical Simulation Simulation-Ready Hair Capture Real-Time Oil Painting on Mobile Hardware (CGF paper) Interactive Modeling and Authoring of Climbing Plants Parallel Constant Time Collision Detection for Polygonal Objects

SIGGRAPH Asia 2016

Vivace: a Practical Gauss-Seidel Method for Stable Soft Body Dynamics High-Resolution Interaction with Corotational Coarsening Models Descent Methods for Elastic Body Simulation on the GPU Reconstructing Personalized Anatomical Models for Physics-based Body Animation SMASH: Data-driven Authoring of Physically Valid Collisions Eulerian Solid-Fluid Coupling A scalable Schur-complement fluids solver for heterogeneous compute platforms Dispersion Kernels for […]

Versatile Interactions at Interfaces for SPH-Based Simulations

Tao Yang, Ming C. Lin, Ralph R. Martin, Jian Chang, and Shi-Min Hu The realistic capture of various interactions at interfaces is a challenging problem for SPH-based simulation. Previous works have mainly considered a single type of interaction, while real-world phenomena typically exhibit multiple interactions at different interfaces. For instance, when cracking an egg, there […]

SCA 2016 papers

Simulation-related papers from Symposium on Computer Animation 2016: ADMM ⊇ Projective Dynamics: Fast Simulation of General Constitutive Models Compressing Fluid Subspaces Art-Directed Muscle Simulation for High-End Facial Animation Real-time Simulation of Large Elasto-Plastic Deformation with Shape Matching Enriching SPH Simulation by Approximate Capillary Waves Topology-Aware Neighborhoods for Point-Based Simulation and Reconstruction Versatile Interactions at Interfaces […]


SIGGRAPH 2016 papers: Ebb: A DSL for Physical Simulation on CPUs and GPUs Pose-Space Subspace Dynamics Surface-Only Liquids Generalized Non-reflecting Boundaries for Fluid Re-Simulation Fast Approximations for Boundary Element Based Brittle Fracture Simulation Resolving Fluid Boundary Layers with Particle Strength Exchange and Weak Adaptivity Drucker-Prager Elastoplasticity for Sand Animation A Semi-Implicit Material Point Method for […]

Boundary detection in particle-based fluids

Marcos Sandim, Douglas Cedrim, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Paulo Pagliosa, and Afonso Paiva This paper presents a novel method to detect free-surfaces on particle-based volume representation. In contrast to most particle-based free-surface detection methods, which perform the surface identification based on physical and geometrical properties derived from the underlying fluid flow simulation, the proposed approach only […]

CAMA: Contact-Aware Matrix Assembly with Unified Collision Handling for GPU-based Cloth Simulation

Min Tang, Huamin Wang, Le Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Dinesh Manocha We present a novel GPU-based approach to robustly and efficiently simulate high-resolution and complexly layered cloth. The key component of our formulation is a parallelized matrix assembly algorithm that can quickly build a large and sparse matrix in a compressed format and accurately solve linear […]