Physics-Animation Forum?

I was recently asked whether there exists any internet forum dedicated to physics-based animation. The two that came to mind are Gamedev’s Math & Physics forum and Bullet’s physics simulation forums (both linked in the right column of the page), though my impression is that these naturally tend to be focused towards games, and with somewhat greater emphasis on rigid bodies and collision detection. So I wanted to pose some questions to you…

  1. Are there other forum sites that focus on physical simulation for computer graphics? If so please post a link in the comments.
  2. Would a dedicated physics-based animation forum be of genuine use to you? (Alternatively, do existing forums already serve this purpose, or do you not see a need for such a forum?)

Feel free to share any other thoughts you have on the subject.


  1. I enjoy your site and do think that a physics-based animation forum would be useful. I’m working on a related but distinct project to bring physics to artists working in animation (i.e., for those with a non-technical background). You can see more about this at these sites:

  2. Aqua General says:

    I also would like to see forums.

    @Alejandro – Looks nice!

  3. Oscar says:

    An “academically”-oriented forum would be great, indeed, and could focus on advanced and currently offline simulation techniques that are rarely discussed in Gamedev’s/Bullet’s physics forums.

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