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  1. sfaer says:

    Hey great site,

    You can find Ladislav Kavlan’s “Physic-Based Animation” course on youtube, and it is quite interesting.


  2. christopherbatty says:

    Thanks, I’ll add it!

  3. Wenxian says:

    Hi Prof. Christopher Batty!

    Just a kind note:

    A really good course regarding physically based animation 🙂


  4. Christopher Batty says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! However, usually I don’t include university courses, but just SIGGRAPH/Eurographics courses (or rather the associated notes).

  5. Donald House says:

    A great resource. Thanks. I wanted to let you know of our new book, Donald House and John Keyser: Foundations of Physically Based Modeling and Animation, CRC Press. It is organized as an introduction to the field.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great, thanks!

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